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🔧 DR350S Rebuild – ep.14 Preparing motorcycle frame for powder coating

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motorcycle frame

Hello, I’m Marta and this is fourteenth episode about rebuild of my DR350S. We’re going to powder coat the motorcycle frame in the next rebuild step, and before that we need to secure all the frame threads, triple clamp bearing socket and the oil tank. Last time we stripped down the motorcycle frame, but we left triple clamp on. So now we need to remove it.

I don’t have special tool to remove steering head nut, so I use locking mole wrench and some cloth strip. You should avoid situation like this and hold triple clamp well. The old steering head bearings were not bad looking, but I’m going to replace them anyway. We also need to remove steering head lock and its cover.

The cover gets off easy with a little pull. To remove lock, we just need the key to it. Now we will remove steering head bearing with long punch and a hammer. It’s important to hit the bearing, not the motorcycle frame. Also, we need to punch the bearing uniformly on both sides to avoid blocking it. We repeat everything for the second bearing.

Now we remove identification plate. To take off the rivets we drill a hole in the rivet’s head. I’m using an old drill bit to punch the second part of the rivet left in frame. Finally, we remove all the bolts from the frame. Here you can see my method to not mess up the bolts and to remember which bolt goes were.

motorcycle frame


The rear brake also has some sealings to remove on both sides. After unscrewing it’s time for screwing, so we will secure all the threads. I bought some M6, M8, M10x1.25, M26x1.5, M20x1.5, M16 x 1.5, and M5 bolts. Oil level indicator stick is M20 fine threaded. Oil drain plug is M10 fine threaded. Oil filter and hose connector is M26 fine threaded.

Oil tank banjo bolt is M16 fine threaded. The remaining bolts, besides the foot pegs bolts, are standard metric threads, so it should be no problem to match them. The foot pegs bolts are M10 fine threaded. I also secure this port in oil tank with a piece of tape. After securing both frame sides the frame is ready for sandblasting and powder coating.

We plan to hand it over to professional workshop for this, and it should be ready in one week. Here’s a last look on the original painting. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed leave a like and stay tuned for the next videos documenting DR rebuilding.

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