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hi i'm paul brodie we're in my shop again mitch 
is behind the camera fabricator filmmaker and there seems to be a lot going on in my shop 
so we'll we'll kind of get right into it and i got   we'll do what's new what's new is is is foot 
peg rubbers for the tiger cub these came from   somewhere they came in the mail they're quite nice 
they got triumph embossed on them in the rubber   and so i was working on the pegs because the 
pegs were kind of of bent so you can see here   that's where the pegs go like like that and 
this one here still doesn't actually this   this is the one i'm having having some trouble 
with it doesn't want to fit properly it doesn't   mesh in there so i'll show you what i did i had 
the foot pegs on the frame because when the when   the when the foot pegs are mounted on the frame 
i can put a ruler right across and then i really   know if they're straight i got the big torch on 
there and then at the end of each peg i use this   wrench so if i take off this peg here i've got 
the pegs on the frame and i can i can heat it   heat it where it's bent because i can see where it 
goes up or down and then when i get that red hot   i move it how i want so i got the the pegs 
nice and straight and then you can see the heat   stains here i heated here here and then this one 
there was a lot of heat went into this peg here   then after that i bead blasted them and i 
saw how how worn they were where they mounted   so i did some welding and i i tig welded them and 
i filed i'm in the process of filing them all down   so that they fit nicely there so it gets a nice 
sharp edge and then they'll go into the spray   booth on the bike i've got the heavy heavyweight 
forks on here so that took a little bit of   of work to make them fit properly got the 
handlebars the new handlebar clamps this   one still isn't quite done and then 
i was looking at the bike last night   and i was thinking okay it's it's raised up a bit 
so i've changed the and the word that came to my   mind is the stance of the bike and i was thinking 
well i i never knew that word until i started   looking at psychic thief that's a website it's 
exif maybe it's ixif maybe it's exif i don't know   i think it comes out of australia and they got 
a lot of custom bikes there and a bunch of years   ago they talked about the stance of the bike and 
so i always had that in the back of my mind but   never really quite understood what they 
were talking about so i googled last night   i went just i looked up up up stance and and 
the dictionary term is a way of thinking about   something especially expressed in a publicly 
stated opinion so that's what what the dictionary   says but that doesn't really let you know about 
the stance of a motorcycle so then i i googled   stance of a motorcycle and that's to do with 
the seating position or the posture of the rider   your shoulders should be stacked above your hips 
and slightly pushed back so that's the riding   position that still doesn't let you know about the 
stance of the motorcycle so then i went to bike   seat and i looked around and i found a cb550 cafe 
racer and they talk in the description it's got a   spot on stance so what is what does that mean i 
don't really know so i hunted around some more   and i found a a motor gutsy that was it was it 
was customized in in japan it's a v50 and this the   stance is tweaked that's the word they use so i 
read down some more and what they did to alter the   stance is they lowered the forks 40 millimeters 
and they re they lengthened they put longer shocks   on by 40 millimeters so what they did basically 
was just they moved the whole bike like that   they changed the stance now is that a good thing 
not necessarily because when you make the fork   shorter you lose a bunch of the travel and so 
maybe that's a good thing maybe it's not it   depends on the fork when you put a longer shark on 
the back it raises up the pivot of the swing arm   that's what some of the road races do because 
they want more more more cornering clearance but   it affects the chain it affects a few 
things so it's not that's not always   a good thing either so then i'm thinking 
about this bike and so we actually measured   how much longer these forks are over the the 
shorter forks 40 millimeters it's exactly the same   so it's interesting that this is 40 millimeters 
and the bike that i just talked about the motor   gutsy also 40 millimeters on both ends when i look 
at at bike seat over the years one of the things   that really really bugs me is they've got a custom 
bike they've done the exhaust the tank the forks   they've done everything and then they've got it 
in the sunlight it's under the the under the under   the tree the lighting's perfect and under the 
side stand they got a two by four because they've   raised the bike up or put small wheels on or 
done something but they didn't fix the size stand   so that's one of the things i want to do right 
now because the side stand was the right height   with those other forks but now now we've 
altered the stance made it a bit like a chopper   even though these are stock forks on a cub 
we're going to check the stand that's next so you can see here that that the bike leans 
quite a bit some people would say that's that's fine but i'm going to get 
a piece of half inch aluminum and   i'm going to put it underneath the 
stand and we'll see what happens   in my mind i thought half inch might 
be the right amount but we'll see let me get another piece of metal so 
i got another piece of half inch here so you can kind of tell by how much it goes over 
so let's take out that so this would be this   is one quarter so this is lengthening 
the stand by three quarters of an inch and i kind of like i kind of like that angle 
there when you park a bike you're not always   parking on a perfectly level sometimes 
the ground's a bit uneven or soft so okay so upcoming video we're gonna make the stand 
three quarters of an inch longer okay so we're   gonna do something else today this is a frame 
a bicycle frame this belongs to mitch he built   this in frame building 101 and there's a couple 
things going on i'm sure he won't mind me showing   you he sprayed it with a spray bomb and look 
we got a little bit of paint peeling off there   that looks like an issue to me and when he 
took the frame apart his seat post is stuck   so he's put some penetrating oil down there but 
apparently that didn't work so this is what we're   gonna do now we're gonna leave the tiger cub alone 
for a little while and we're going to remove the   seat post if we can hopefully we can and then the 
frame is going to get be blasted and primed so   so that's where i i met mitch i taught 65 frame 
building classes over nine and a half years and   mitch just got in there i think he was in class 
number 63 that's what he tells me so i believe him   let's see if we can uh take out the seat 
post i got the bottom bracket cups in   here so hold it in the vise that's 
what we do with bicycle frames and it's pretty don't want to bend the seat really okay so we're 
going to apply some heat we're going to i got wd and the post probably goes down to about here 
somewhere so we're going to heat up this area here   and see what happens i've got a scraper 
it's made out of a triangular file and this is going to stop a lot 
of smoke going into the shop you can see this this paint comes off pretty easy i think that's a rental seat tube isn't it yes it's on the thin side okay putting a larger tip so it heats up faster going 
from a zero tip to a number one it does make   a pretty big difference in the 
amount of heat that it puts out so what we want to do is to heat 
the tube evenly we don't want to   hold the torch in one spot that would 
not be good so we keep the torch moving and you'll see a little bit of paint start to 
smoke in a while there we go a little bit of smoke some of the penetrating oil blowing off okay we'll have a little little look-see mitch you stuck it good you stuck it really good a typical mountain biker not making sure the 
seat post is well lubricated it happens a lot i bet if i check my frame i might have a similar 
problem that's why i'm not checking so what this   does is to heat up the tube a little bit and 
hopefully add a little bit of clearance although   the aluminum inside is probably going to want 
to expand a bit faster some of you might say but heat sometimes helps so we'll see what happens it's pretty tight so oh hot it seems pretty stuck to me what we've done is to take off the seat and we're 
going to hold the hold the top of the seat post in   the vise this is we're heading to last resort 
here that's kind of where we're at because does not seem to want to come out 
and this is quite this this whole   area is quite warm now from all the 
heating we might ruin the seat post but we're trying to save a frame you no sense okay so i wasn't strong enough just holding 
the seat that's what was going on so   here we're going to put some wd down again and 
because this is basically vertical that should what a pleasing noise mitch is happy about this 
i feel he's going yeah we're gonna get it out bye there we go more smoke well that's good 
that was that was a successful operation   mitch was telling me he went online last night 
youtube looking up people with stuck seat posts   and one guy couldn't get it out so he cut it off 
and then he reamed the entire seat post out of the   seat tube that's kind of crazy but maybe that's 
what you need to do sometimes okay so we're going   to get this washed up we're going to do some bee 
blasting and then we're going to do some priming   we're going to be in the spray 
booth today thanks for stopping by i thought i would tell you a few things about 
spray painting a bicycle frame so first of all you   need to do some masking on the frame and so what i 
have here this is the mask for the seat tube it's   a it's a piece of aluminum it's got a little 
bit of a taper here so that when you put it in   it stops right right about there because it's 
it's on the taper and then you need to mask off   the water bottle bosses so i have a whole whole 
container of just allen screws and you can see   it's got paint on it so that's what keeps the 
paint from going down into the thread you don't   want that and then you also have to mask off the 
bottom bracket because you don't want any paint   going into the thread so i made up a system here 
it's aluminum it got turned in the lathe there's a   a piece of eighth inch flat bar a wingnut so i put 
this in from this side here it goes in on the left and i'll show you why why i have this okay so the frame is going to hang on the rack 
like that and then when i'm i'm painting it   goes on the hook so you see here i've got two 
hand holds and i can hang it on the hook here   the head tube and then i can 
take it off the head tube   and see this hole here i can hang it upside down 
because you need to be you need to have access   underneath if you only have the frame 
one way i've seen i've seen people   paint bicycle frames like this and they spray it 
and then on the bottom they always miss because   they can't see what they're doing underneath 
so that's why this system works pretty well   so the spray gun i use it's a graco it's a a 
detail gun it's used for the inside of car doors   when i learned to paint i 
was working at rocky mountain   they needed a painter so they they asked me to 
paint and i said well i don't know how to paint   and they say well we don't know anybody else 
so i went out and i taught myself how to paint when you when you're spraying you want the 
gun to be maybe so far away this is the fan   this is what opens up the spray like that 
all fine when i spray paint a bicycle frame   because the tubes usually quite small i don't 
have the fan open much at all maybe just a little   bit but mostly it's closed so it's a quite quite 
narrow and then and then this one this knob here   it controls how much paint is coming out so when 
you're when you're getting ready to paint it's a   good idea to have a tube off to the side that you 
can practice on to get this more or less right it's not easy spray painting a bicycle frame i'm 
told it's a lot easier to learn how to spray paint   a car because what happens is when you spray 
you have to start and stop and you want to stop   at exactly the right spot you don't want to go 
up up here up farther or overlap because when you   spray this tube here you want to go to the corner 
so that it meets if you're going over a bit and   over a bit you're going to get a run or a heavy 
spot it's really crucial that you get the right   amount of paint and that you're really accurate 
and you and you don't go over the same spot more than what you want to do so anyway we're 
going to go into the spray booth there's a lot   to know about spray painting it took me quite 
a while to learn how to be a good painter and   even now i don't think i'm a great painter i i 
tell people that i'm a fabricator masquerading   as a painter but anyway we're going to go into 
the booth mitch has his camera and he's gonna   film me spray painting we're gonna prime 
his frame today that's the goal so let's go so so so well that's our episode for today i hope you 
liked watching mitch's frame get painted next   episode it's going to be blue with a nice imran 
clear coat on it mitch and i like coffee if you   were to buy us a few coffees that would be perfect 
thank you very much we'll see you next week bye

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