How To Build A Chopper Frame – How To Restore A Vintage Motorcycle Chopper Frame Fabrication,Custom Chopper Kits,Motorcycle Safety,Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Chopper build episode 1 Arabic version English sub الحلقة الأولى من سلسلة الدراجات المعدلة

Chopper build episode 1 Arabic version English sub الحلقة الأولى من سلسلة الدراجات المعدلة

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hello and welcome in the first episode of custom motorcycle series or know as Choppers the first thing to talk is a history brief of custom motorcycle and how did it come to current level it started after world war 2 when American solders retired from Europe and saw beautiful European motorcycle and its features which they like to combine them with American motorcycle and the result was new motorcycle styles like bobber and easy rider until they reach high level of custom bike "chopper" chopper frame was the base of modification that's why it will be first thing to talk about frames custom motorcycle frames are two types first one called hardtail and second one called softail in the hardtail, the frame comes as one piece while softail come in two pieces swingarm and Frame the hardtail have positives and negitives first thing, when I talk about frame I mean the part that carries engine transmission tires Fuel tank front end all these are mount to frame some positive thing are it is preferred in custom bikes to go for hardtail because it is easy, fast and cheap on the other hand, the negative thing if you want custom bike for daily use this option is not recommended because tit doesn't have suspension on the other side softail, one of the positive things is it has a suspension system between rear end and motorcycle frame and this provide comfort in long distances and less break down because it observes shocks during long rides and rough roads but on the other hand, it is more expensive and now all of bikes are softail hardtail system almost stopped except in custom motorcycle this is the different between softail hardtail frames in the next episode we will talk how to choose custom motorcycle frame in way suits you for any question or explanation please share it with me Peace

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