CHOPPER NO RECOIL Gunsmith Build! BEST Chopper Gunsmith & Chopper Attachments! Chopper LMG Season 11

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Hey everyone, welcome back to a new gunsmith
discussion. Today we'll be going over the Chopper LMG,
and I have been sleeping on it since I'm not really a LMG person, but the Chopper LMG is
really good if you have the playstyle which can compliment it. It's not meant for a run and gun LMG, and
once I go over the stats, you'll see why, but the main job of LMGs is for holding an
area, and controlling the crowd, instead of running and gunning. This doesn't mean we have to camp, but we
have to play cautiously since mobility is not the best.

In my personal experience, I really liked
playing range with the Chopper, and playing around objectives, instead of slaying and
trying to spawn trap. With that being said, the Chopper has a 4
shot kill damage profile till 10m, dealing 30 damage to the head, and 25 damage to the
body. With the 754 RPM fire rate, we get a really
fast TTK of 239ms in close range. However, it isn't good because the ADS Speed
is atrociously slow. The base Chopper takes 28 frames or 466ms
to ADS, and if we were to use it for close range, we'd get killed before we can even
fully ADS against some of the other guns. Thus even though it has fast TTK up close,
it isn't practically feasible. From 11m onwards, the Chopper does 25 damage
to the head, and 21 to the body, and takes 5 shots to kill. The damage profile is consistent till 35m
meters which is the preferred range for using this gun. We get a TTK of 318ms which isn't too bad
and will feel very consistent since the damage is the same all throughout the body.

Speaking of consistent, the recoil is also
the same pattern each and every time and follows a similar path. Here I have the general recoil pattern which
is superimposed using 20 samples, and here is the recoil graphic made by me which shows
the path of the recoil, and we can see it's a consistent pattern. Thus with some practice, we can make the gun
no recoil, without needing any attachments for recoil control. I see the Heavy Handle, a unique attachment
to the Chopper, being extensively used in all of the builds I have seen till now, and
it apparently helps with recoil control and hip fire accuracy. Thus I put it to the test, and here I have
taken the recoil sample with the heavy handle which again is superimposed so that we can
see the general pattern of recoil, and if we compare it side by side with the base recoil
pattern, we'll see the difference is really minimal.

According to my tests, the heavy handle reduces
vertical recoil by 5% and the horizontal recoil by 2%, thus there is a difference, but it's
negligible. The only reason to use the heavy handle is
to remove the iron sights, which many people don't seem to prefer. Comparing the Hip Fire though, the difference
is again negligible at 6% which does help, but it's isn't much. Thus when making a gunsmith build, I will
be showing builds with both the Heavy Handle and without, but the Chopper isn't an aggressive
weapon, and instead of focusing on mobility, which if we were to make a mobility build,
it would still be too slow in comparison to the SMGs and ARs and we'd be losing the gunfights,
I would suggeset making it primarily for accuracy, and range increase would be a bonus, but it
isn't necessary since the 35m 5 shot range is good enough.

For the first build, I want to show it with
the Heavy Handle, and it gives us some recoil reduction and hip fire accuracy, for not having
any iron sights when ADSed. In the game, it does mention ADS is not available,
but we can ADS, just the hipfire crosshair is shown a bit zoomed in. Once we attach the heavy handle, we can't
use any Stocks, or Optics or Rear grips, thus we only have a couple options which makes
finding a good loadout for ourselves really easy. Next I go into the barrels, and all of them
can be used, but I personally don't recommend the Chopper Heavy barrel.

It makes the ADS Speed go from 28 frames to
33 frames, which is 5 frames slower ADS speed, and also makes the movement speed go from
5.71 m/s to 5.47 m/s. For what we get in return, we do get accuracy
at range, and damage range gets increased with with the new 4 shot range being 0-15m,
and 16-51m for the 5 shot range, which seems like a good increase, but considering the
recoil and the base bullet spread accuracy, we can't take advantage of it.

The lateral recoil decrease is also next to
nothing, why I don't recommend it. And since the topic of movement speed came,
I tested it myself, and movement speed and ADS movement speed are correlated. When we make the movement speed bad, the ADS
Movement Speed also becomes bad. Something to take a note of. However I do recommend the other barrels. The Special Forces barrel helps reduces 2
frames ADS Speed thus the new ADS Speed becomes 433 ms which isn't a huge increase, but can
be used if needed. The infantry barrel makes the the ADS speed
slower by 3 frames, but we get better bullet spread accuracy, and the new 4 shot range
becomes 0-13m and the 5 shot range becomes 14-43m. I'm gonna apply the Infantry barrel since
the base ADS speed is already slow, and I don't mind it being a couple frames slower,
but we do get accuracy at range, and also extend the damage done at range.

Otherwise generally, I'd recommend using the
infantry barrel. Next apply the Tactical Laser for improving
the ADS Speed by 2 frames, and increasing the accuracy at range. The only other laser I can recommend is the
5mW laser since the others reduce the ADS Speed which isn't needed. Now if you're considering using an extended
ammo attachment, it isn't needed since we get 100 bullets in the base mag, which is
enough. However for the sake of completeness, the
base reload animation takes 4.6 seconds for the full animation, and we can make it 3.4
seconds by reload cancelling. The rest of the stats, I'll have it now on
the screen as info cards, so you can pause the video and compare them if needed. Nonetheless, I don't recommend extended ammo
since the base ammo is more than enough.

Thus we are left with Muzzle and Perk, and
for the perk I recommend FMJ which really helps LMGs get the wallbang kills. For the muzzle, I recommend the Compensator
or the Muzzle Break, for getting some recoil stability, otherwise if you want a suppressed
Chopper, then the light suppressor can be used since the 5 shot range is huge, and the
20% decrease in damage range won't hurt us much. The Monolithic Suppressor can also be used,
but for this build, I used the Flash Guard mainly for getting the bullet spread accuracy
since with this build I was focusing on accuracy, and I want to be deadly accurate with it. And that completes this build. For an alternate build with monolithic suppressor,
the special forces barrel can be used, and for a recoil and ADS Speed based build, the
compensator and the special forces barrel can be applied. With the heavy handle, there aren't too many
options you can use, so mess around with the attachments and see what you prefer. For a build without the heavy handle, you
can opt for the operator foregrip for 14% reduction in vertical recoil, although I don't
suggest it since the recoil pattern is really simple.

You can make a ADS Speed based build with
these attachments, or even a hip fire build with the 5mW Laser and Merc Foregrip combination. For a general build with some recoil control,
these attachments can be used, and we're done. I have shown a couple Chopper builds and I
hope you can find them useful, and hope one of them becomes your main Chopper build. Chopper is not only good for MP, but it shreds
in Battel Royale as well, and you can use any chopper class you're comfortable with. I generally use the accuracy class, or the
suppressed class in BR. It's good, and it shreds.

Just get into a habit of switching to knife
for running fast, and we are golden. And with that we come to the end of the video. I have tried using Chopper for close ranges,
but I usually lose out due to the slow ADS speed of it. We can make a hip fire build, and spray and
pray, while ADSing in so we go from hip fire to ADS, but there are still chances a good
player will outgun us, thus it's really unpredictable for close ranges. For the mid ranges though, it's cracked and
definitely the LMG META as of now. Hopefully you liked this elaborate gunsmith
video, and if you did, definitely leave a like, and subscribe and press the bell icon
to get these gunsmith videos in your notifications, so you don't miss out on my future gunsmith
videos. Share this video around to support the channel
and for appreciating my work. I'll see you again soon with a new gunsmith
video. Till then, stay safe, stay healthy, and have
a good day.

Take care guys, and bye..

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