Custom CHOPPER BUILD Time Lapse of TROPHY Winning Motorcycle

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In my stable before the custom chopper blueprints. here’s where i started   mocking up the parts i’d been collecting for several years. rear brake brackets hub and bearings   raked triple trees rear shocks, tires, and fenders huge rear wheel, fender kit and swing arm charging system. Jack in position and first piece of the frame. had to drill out the fork stop so I could mount it to the lower tree. insert the stem through everything. install the trees and bearings into the neck of the frame.

Pound in the swing arm bearings and mount it to the frame with a pivot. rear shocks had to be adjusted for height and preload before installing them in the frame. next   was gathering the hub parts to assemble the wheels
Had to make sure they’re all polished first. used a rotor blank for mock-up
making sure the hubs fit. filing where needed. freezing bearings
to shrink to fit install bearings. figuring out the feel of the bike thinking
about forward versus mid controls. installing   the tires on the wheels. unboxing the 121-inch engine full polished putting it in its place. drawing and cutting the fender design custom chopper.

welding the fender supports in place.   front fender cut. headlight plate. mount odds and ends. mounting headlight. tank arrive   fitting it on the frame and its cap.
checking foot controls in kickstand.   front mounted oil tank. motor mount
glass mat battery. front fender shape. assembling the carb. installing the bars and
controls. mounting the oil tank. mounting the fuel tank. making
the tank matches the fenders. Installing electrical parts. mounting
the carb.

custom chopper

Y chrome air cleaner. primary drive going on. final drive chain. 6-speed tran.   lining everything up. exhaust interference. shift link. exhaust install. adjusting chain.   hand hole battery and rear fender mount. cleaning fender mount. adjusting rear axle chain cut out. rear view. air cleaner adjusted for new pipes. fabbing the seat   pan. parts for chrome shop. coating the tank. custom chopper

Starting bodywork lots of sanding priming art   references white graphics candy coating for ghost effects real flames 3d highlights body   color for pinup girl more sanding and polishing. all shiny frame chromed and accessories. running   the wiring engine. shining front end and swing arm. wiring schematic building the harness other electrical. tran shocks starter power bar wires electrical done all working.

Brake lines controls done coming together. greasing air filter. making it shiny.   petcock tank install seat give it blood give it a drink first roar feet on the ground. every detail complete. perfectly clean and sparkling custom chopper ready to hit the streets.

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Extremely light racing helmet >

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