Days Gone: Motorcycle Challenge (full series)

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I’ve accepted a job for PlayStation. I need to build a bike. Can you please help me? Hey guys! How’s everything? I’ve accepted a job for PlayStation. I need to build a bike. Can you please help me? When do you need to build it? Soon. I’m Andreas, I’m the team leader and I make the last finishing touches before we ship the motorcycles to our clients. Can we take it out there? Yeah, let’s do it! Thanks! You’re the best! Days Gone releases on April 26th Days Gone has a protagonist, and his name is Deacon, and he has a bike, and I really want us to make a true replica of that bike. Alright, cool. I brought a little trailer for the game, so that you can see what kind of universe we’re dealing with, and you can probably get some ideas based on it.

Cool. To ride the broken road in Days Gone, you have one bike – your drifter bike. Take care of it, or find yourself on foot in a world where everything wants to kill you. The most important thing to know about the open world in Days Gone is that it’s dangerous. But as long as you have your bike, you might just survive. Is this the bike we’re building? Oh yeah. What do you think about it? I think it sounds exciting! How much time do we have? 48 hours. What?! Well… I’m Rakel, I’m the designer on the team. When we found out that we had to build the bike on such a short notice, Well…

I thought, it’s a challenge, but with these guys that I’ve known for such a long time, then it’s doable. But, shit… You’re good at what you do, so you’ll do just fine, right? Oh, shit… Yeah, but we need to get started right away! Andreas, do you have an old wreck somewhere or? Yeah, but… it’s really old and rusty. With a bit of love from a hammer, I think we should be able to get it running! My name’s Fabian, and I’ve been into motorcycles since I was about this tall. If we’re in need of parts, then I’ll get it done – whether it’s welding, fixing, cutting, you name it, I’ll fix it. So now we’ve got 47 hours. Let’s not waste anymore time! The clock is ticking! Let’s do it! So… There you go! It needs the full treatment.

Do the lights work? Yeah, we don’t know. So this is how the project looks. Where is the exhaust? Yeah, there’s not really an exhaust. Oh… It’s leaking oil, so there might still be some oil inside. We need to find a match for the suspension on the other side. We need to get rid of the engine. Carburettor on the side – out. Can I do something yet? Uhmmm… Can you make coffee? I’ll make some coffee. We need it to be more practical than pretty, right? Yeah, absolutely – survival is most important. We need off-road tyres.

And lights. Yeah, it would suck to lose the lights in the middle of the forest. And it needs to be ready for action. You really need to get away from those monsters. It’s not pretty – but that’s not what we’re aiming for. It needs some protection in the front. The engine will get beaten up if it hits a rock or a branch. Yeah, or just one of those freakers. We still need to make that… dirt plate, as we call it. To protect the engine. We need to find some more plates, because what I’ve got here is all I could find in my stash, and that’s not enough. Maybe you can find something in the junkyard? I found these thingies. They seem pretty sturdy. These go in front of the lights? Yeah, that was the plan, You can kind of see it there. Cool. Woo! Take a look! And some bags. Great! It still works. Take a look at this. Isn’t that something we can use? Definitely! We just need to make some brackets for it or something. I’ll head to the junkyard, so what do you say we make a list? Exhaust.

Suspension. I have an important part; I need a cogwheel. Preferably around 24-26. And it needs to be properly geared, the supplier is not able to make it here tomorrow. Good morning! Are you fresh? Yeah, sort of. Here’s some coffee. Perfect. Flat white. And a latte. Chai, right? Yeah, of course. What’s the status? We’ve just gone over the list of things to find. Rakel is heading out to find that cog wheel, because if we don’t find it, the engine won’t work. What can I do? You can head out with her and help her find the parts we need. Great, nice! I’m ready. I’ve only got one seat on mine, so you can’t ride with me. Ah okay, I guess I’ll just take the bus then. I think this’ll do! Come on – seriously? Then I guess, we’ll just head home now. Hey boys! Let’s see what you found! I actually found some pretty cool stuff.


Can we see? Alright! That’s good. I hope that this matches what we’ve found. Ahhh, it just needs to be adjusted a bit. But hey, what about the cog wheel? Do you think this’ll work? Yes. Awesome! Hi! Hi Patrick! What’s up? We’re making progress, we found most of the parts, and now we’re just assembling it all. Why are you doing that? We’re kind of trying to make it a bit stealthier.


We’re trying to make it less shiny and make it easier to protect yourself. I guess that’s quite important in the game. What are you up to? I’ve been fiddling a bit with an air filter. The one right there. I’m trying to create a replica of that. They look pretty identical. That’s awesome. You’ve done a hell of a job – really. But let’s see – we still have to mount the last parts. I’ll get out of your hair, so… Make me proud! Take care! Alright, you’ll take care of this, because I think I’ll grab the suspension springs and give them some paint. We have 24 hours left until the bike has to be delivered to PlayStation. The team are going at it behind me. We just have to get this done in time. Fabian, this doesn’t fit. We’re in a bit of a hurry now. We have got to speed up. The status right now is that the engine has been assembled, we’ve inserted it into the chassis, and now we just hope that it’ll start on the first go.

Can you just move that thing a bit, it’s a bit too close. I’ll just try this. Has anyone seen my fiver? Come on, who used it before? I think you did… I need a break. He’ll come around – it’s fine. Oh, come on. I’m pretty damn tired. Some of the parts I found in the junkyard, we might not be able to use. I hope, when I return, that they will have found a solution. Let’s see. I’ll just power it up. Are the lights on? What about the taillights? Hey! So far, so good. Our bike is now finished and is ready for a test drive. We’re really close to our deadline, so I really hope that nothing goes wrong.

Damn, that looks sweet. Hi Patrick! What’s up? How is everything? Well, have a look! That’s a pretty cool result. This process has been crazy, just starting out from scratch. “Hey, if you could just build a bike from scratch” I’m so happy. It really looks like the bike from Days Gone. If you take a closer look at all the details on the bike, then you can really see what Fabian has done, and that is based on all the things that Rakel has drawn up.

She has put together all of the design and all of our inspiration, which Fabian really has nailed. Who gets to start it? You’ll get the honours. Should I start it? Great. Seriously, You are amazing! Rakel… Oh yeah, it actually works man! We made it, and I spoke to Sony PlayStation and, I’ve got a little present for you. I’ll be right back. Cool! We actually built something that didn’t fall apart. It looks good. I love it. So! Take a box. Thanks, man! Is that something? It’ll be fun to ride the bike in the game as well, right? I’m so proud of you! PlayStation are going to love it, and it’s definitely not the last time that I’ll hire you for something like this.

Because that right there is just… Give yourselves a hand. The 48 hours are now up. It’s been tough. There have been some fights, some frustrations – but we did it! And remember! Days Gone is out now! Get your hands on it! See you!

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