Inside The Workshop Of A Legendary Bike Frame Builder | GCN Meets Agustin Hincapié

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] when I was in Colombia earlier this year I was lucky enough to be able to meet a legend of frame building Agustin Hincapie he's based just outside of Medellin and one Sunday morning I rode out to meet him and his family at his workshop hoping to learn a little more about this free-thinking master craftsman just found out that that the reason Tino started building frames was basically to find a way of supporting his new family so his wife was pregnant and he learned how to build frames basically which is an amazing quite a powerful way of starting really because I guess back home now if you're to launch into custom building you do it almost desert as an alternative career path as opposed to actually a way of making a living so incredible really and that there is one of the first ones [Music] sorry it does this cuando MP says it basically doesn't know as a basic elitist so this one amigo map Forrestal who knows ludos in English Kim knows English it may not have yeah English it has metalcore commensurate reducir la otra lucid called dictionary old man and so in in the beginning you use logs so still you know Oxana still okay I still traditional quarter so this knows how he I have material it does it cuando llegó ah mi Pais una bicicleta Bonita yo media Tatra Trotta 5656 mi sighs she still sighs yo si Kista yo Kareem BTW kappa link wanted to condo if you guys are basically Talib primera primera lie Sephora me okay now primera primera para me so the salient are investigated mis amigos love am osa Yamuna was a yarmulke no seein ya habiba Covanta amigos eskimo sophisticated where did you get the the steal from unlocks where did you where did you buy them Achilles who know persona que tenia contactos con Italia yell TRAI los materiales ma first Rita yes a Italia was happen Allah in the facility give'em a together and I am mastered for existed from brainless 753 Reynolds my tree yeah you built from Reynolds and Columbus Reynolds Colombo eg whatta tangy a bit Tunis yet they would not to temper yeah when did you go from from locks to Philip rising job preferable blocks I prefer all yeah see look poor question at the bangin area pero con la llegada de todo esto studia metro diferentes de forma diferentes de mo today mosquitoes Costa : el mundo tienen que Mira I shall feel it no s Kissimmee her affiliate in lock is much while Augustine's favorite method of building frames is still with steel tubes and lugs he will happily turn his hand to just about anything Philip raising TIG welding and not just in steel but also aluminium and titanium as well he just draws the line at carbon they and TIG welding with their argon gas she'll ever get a better yes Jenna – okay this is my TIG welders okay this is a know any oldest with many functions yeah and and argon gas 1c and did you teach yourself titanium TIG welding teeth in your teeth si señor Wow over the years Tino has built thousands of framesets always working closely with his customers to create their dream bikes perhaps the best showcases of his craftsmanship and the level of customization he's capable of though are the bikes that he's built for his grandson I don't know quite why I have all the amazing bikes here but this has really hit the spot and it it's just how much thought was gone into to making this bike for for his grandson so these these custom-made handlebar and stem I said what you can see the tiny diameter here so I see kids you've got little hands so normal sized handlebar just doesn't work so here you've got this diameter what's that like like a centimeter like 12 millimeter width is 12 millimeters or I'll change yeah nice beautiful black then your bike Wow we're not little meter look at not look at this you can't Armus costume a custom craft on crank amps how how did you get out rent I think caution to children Toshiko millimeters so you you drilled CLR Huntford say where the dropouts I may go so deep boy that now I hunt okay this is amazing see you rifle esta sister creaminess me nah just simply me huh you see that's my motto look at that it's a custom dropouts a standard one figure son and then you weld that heard round the edge build the wheels GI builder we'll see ya oh yeah I guess you make everything and I'm painting do you paint she here pero como Stephanie what a toy and say all of this amazing like equipment is things that you've accumulated over the years so this you know in amongst here this old equipment as well as new por los años story story i muchas cosas con historia de los angeles it all over da noite hola guardo ill or a Citroen or event I caused us get on because even say and this this us do not worry this yes I remember from MOOCs for pending their bended they all sang my arms are not strong yeah this is truly up honored that Tino's watched one of the videos I made when I went to MOOCs and we're just talking about the fact that I wasn't able to cold set a tube to take him tube and he's got exactly the same bit of equipment per seat stays open in Forks Wow because nobody nobody makes Forks do they not it's like you buy it as custom steel frame and then you and then you put a carbon fork in the front of it it just seems like everyone all the builders do that you're going to me or tambien Shakira carbonyl carbon you see Bien Hoa with the Columbo prestigious agua cuando se la materia muy muy especial yo prefiero telecoil 4k lost any others you can change the geometry so with that said the trail and a tile and a strike yeah at the trial and the angle is very important for the handling of the bike yeah oh you have English so what what's your choice of a rake and head angle same track with what would your perfect Bay 7300 rest what it didn't comply okay yeah yes pero dependiendo que hacer she was her bahar goes econ econ econ equip a con con carga from car Gasparilla tanner esto largo y esto corto i ha won't recover girl say hey on kilo kilo kilo Metro a friend Dominguez ah a friend Dominguez world record model kilo me basically a decent high cost to you wow that's cool so world record a F lamb Dominguez who's a very famous Colombian track sprinter he said the kilo world record what year granules a p83 ah Augustine is a free thinker and incredibly creative as well as building frames he's also made the tools that he needs to do so like this movable arm that allows him to work on the frame with far greater ease but his whole workshop in fact feels like in Aladdin's cave brainchild yeah this million dollar basic lettuce so on symmetric Amenti wallace there chuck is cara de esta totalmente plan no no no Vlado plan to set rata for a este plan in Lomita el cual hacci under the heck you to us por la carretera us those warrior dailyvee theater stopped us here say take it oh yeah in keeping with his free thinking spirit Agustin uses AutoCAD software not specific by CAD as he feels is he able to be more creative with it in lemon zest a border there still water there this line this line and then Tom asta references references hahaha l upon working uno dos tres what does this mean what's to know if not not en el mundo it's just me yes I was I was thinking that I've not seen people build frames in that way before so you worked that out yourself is that right it's me although our year dollars cost Wojcik on a unbuild those two orange eek h-honest also needle and bill oh I know any glare Terra I will just come Dick Costolo your cradle members in the gasoline okay quanto PG cata para Anna's relatives muy poquito noise nice mucho okay they don't at all okay you know your treadmill C Center dos Corinthos with me only you still in the workshop is a stylist una persona yo I was gonna say is that George Hincapie that's weird George Hincapie cisterna while coming to the end of our day bizarrely ex-pro George Hincapie stopped by to borrow a track pump now despite the last name he's no relation to a g'sten although I learned that his parents are from Medellin and he was actually just down here for a few days of riding with another familiar face Bobby julik here was a small world door at least it was well thank you so much today it's been an absolute pleasure big stuff yeah glad to meet you yeah yeah and TT I got to say this has been such an honor to meet all this team and see a true craftsman not just the frames that he's built but all the equipment that he's made for himself as well too to refine the process of frame building absolutely fantastic and I got to say there is definitely space in my quiver of bikes for Hincapie oh yeah

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