Making Crazy Trike 250cc

I will make the frame of 30x30mm steel profiles I should build from pipes properly, but I don't have any tools for bending pipes I will mount the bearings to a thicker piece of steel I bought the suspension from the Hyosung GT125 / 250 motorcycle, the same suspension is also in the Suzuki GS500 To save time and work, I bought a complete set with a wheel and brake The engine 250cc comes from the quad, it has 4 gears and a reverse gear I bought this used engine and was not really sure it was operational I cut half of the profile, because I don't like the frame visually Passenger seat from hyosung gt125 / 250, I bought from the same seller as the suspension Now I will make the hubs for the wheels The wheels are from the quad, but I don't know the exact model of the quad from which the wheels come from I will make the axle from a 30mm shaft, the wheelbase will be 1050mm I made the hub for mounting the brake disc and the rack in the same way as the hubs for the wheels The chain is going to stretch, so I decided to make a tension pulley After the trike test, it turns out that the regulation hole is too short :/ The chain that I bought a new one turns out that it is not reinforced and the golden color will wear off quickly The disc brake and caliper are from the 200cc Keeway quad I bought all the used parts except the sprockets and the chain, thanks to that I saved a lot of money Protective agent against welding spatter, one of the cheapest measures, but very effective I also bought a gasoline tank from a quad bike but it looked very bad so decided to build a gas tank Maby i make a sheet metal bending machine, thanks to which it will be possible to make rounded angles? Write a comment what you think about such an idea 🙂 The walls of the profiles are only 2mm thick, so it's not enough to make a thread, so he will use a rivet nut tool The muffler is from a 250cc quad, but I had to redo the pipe because I wanted it to be placed more or less in the middle of the trike the steel plate is bent like steel plate to make the tank Time for a test 🙂 But at the moment the carburetor is not properly set :/ At the moment, the engine is not working in full speed range 🙁 But when I do not press the throttle all the way, it accelerates well At each turn on the road, when unscrewing the gas to the end, the engine goes out, only in the further part of the test I will be able to correctly set the carburetor The carburetor is now set correctly 🙂 Great fun !!!! 🙂 Later I had to rake all the pits 🙁 😂😂😂😂 Thanks for watching 🙂

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