HD Softail Heritage - Monica Ardhea

Monica Ardhea dan Japan Style Chopper Custom build from HD Softail Heritage ’93

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HD Softail Heritage - Monica Ardhea

Hello YouTube 🙂 Alrite, we have seen Mas Aan’s Harley yesterday the bobber-tracker… now, we’ll see the Harley Davidson Chopper chopper itself is an evolution of bobber with the same redline to chop something off a bike getting rid of motorcycle parts to make it lighter whereas bobber mostly still maintain its original frame with chopper you can either shorten or stretch it or going full-custom chopper itself has been known since the 60’s and gained its popularity after the movie Easyriders in, if not mistaken, 1969, anyone recall? so, here it is, the chopper based on a Heritage Softail Model Year 1993 you can see it has been chopped to make it compact you can see the whole engine it is a carburetor engine 1340cc (82 cubic inch) 5 speed transmission but non-rubber mounted so you still can feel the engine rumbles so, it’s using a Mikuni 42 carburetor with a Paughco air filter

Monica Ardhea Custom Chopper

the exhaust system is 1 on 1 as you can see so, the sound is guaranteed to wake you up 🙂 it also has a custom foot control set in the middle, mid-control its shifter is also custom without foot-board unlike its standard Softail form the front-end is still using its Softail standard but with narrowed custom triple trees and painted gloss-black looks simple and functional in the cockpit, it is compact and simpler, with a short riser and a mini ape-hanger bar wait, lemme squat here first .

Harley Davidson Chopper. . 🙂 the front wheel is a 21″ with Firestone tire next, check this signature yellow thing out this is a high-performance coil from Accel for the spark plugs wires its from LowBrow before we go into the most rebel part, I would like to show you the ignition key has been moved here down here, near the primary so, this is the most rebel part that I mentioned earlier open primary mind you this is not simply you have the cover opened else you will have the engine oil bleeding all over so, you need to convert it into a dry-clutch first see here, this open belt its a 3-inch wide made in USA from BDL its lighter, smooth, silent and the looks as you can see all the inside out

Monica Ardhea Custom Chopper

OK, now let’s move to the back the belt drive had been converted into chain-drive you can see it here, I’ll zoom it in for the license plate holder, its from Moon Eyes those who knows brand, I’m sure you’re aware of that brand, Moon Eyes the brake lamp, on top of the plate OK, I found one more unique thing here the rear wheel is from Akront wide wheels and the gear also doubles as the disc-brake its so cool oh, the tire is also from Firestone familiar in a hot-rod scene its kinda square in shape this rear tire, come on over like the one they use for drag race lemme try to hop on it 🙂 small, compact, and lite the tank, although it is small but still can be customized still can accept graphics with contrast colors so the details stands out it has a custom single seater a custom fit rear fender with custom [ __ ] bar so, no rearview mirrors here

Monica Ardhea Custom Chopper

no speedometer too no turning lights as well so, this is what chopper is all about made to suit your own taste you need to slow down, chill, no need to comment on its safety because it is your own bike, you can do whatever you want rite? as long as you enjoy it 🙂 see how this bike has its own character? you can also built a bike according to your own taste one that says you .

Harley Davidson Chopper. same thing when you create your own channel that says everything about you I think I’d be great if I do more motorcycle contents 🙂 OK, that’s it from me, Monica Ardhea in minimal.IS.me – simple.IS.me

Monica Ardhea Custom Chopper

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Extremely light racing helmet >


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