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Motorcycle Frames and Chassis: Explained in Malayalam – Artbox Learning

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Hello all, welcome to another video. Let’s get familiar with the types of Motorcycle Frames, or in other words Motorcycle Chassis. So, without further delay, let’s get started. First of all, what is a frame? Frame is like our skeletal system It holds our internal organs safe and secured. Similar to that frame does the same function on a motorcycle It holds the engine, gearbox, suspension and even the electronics in place and gives a structure to the vehicle.

Motorcycle frames explained - Types of motorcycle frames

There are a lot of frame types available in the market. Today we are going to look into the frames seen on the motorcycles that we see around or those which are familiar to us. Out of the different types of frames, the first one is the backbone frame. What is Backbone Frame? What is backbone? It is the central support of our body. Similar to that in this frame there will be a pipe running through the center.

That is Backbone frame. The full strength is borne by the backbone. The engine and the rest of the parts are attached to this frame. The starting point is the headtube (the pivot of the handle). From the pivot or the headtube it gets connected to the point where the swingarm comes. This is why it is called backbone frame. This frame can be seen in Honda CD 70, which is a predecessor of Hero Honda CD 100. Nowadays these are not common since the strength is less A modification of that frames are the cradle frames. So what is a cradle? Cradle is a baby’s bed What this does is it supports the baby from bottom.

Similar function is done by the cradle frames. So we have something similar to backbone and there is a downtube The engine and other parts are supported in between one downtube and the backbone This is single cradle frame This type of frame can be seen in the very familiar Royal Enfield Classic 350, Honda Shine, etc The next derivative of this particular frame is the Double Cradle Frame One of the major advantage of Single Cradle Frame is that it is cost effective Because very low cost materials are being used like pipes, tubes, etc. But they cannot bear higher loads. So, as I said Double Cradle Frame is a derivative of the Single Cradle Frame In this there are two down tubes coming from the pivot it supports at two places rather than one.

Single cradle frame. | Download Scientific Diagram

One example of this is the Pulsar series, which is very familiar to us Next time when you observe, you can see two pipes going through where we attach the crash guard. When compared to Royal Enfield Classic 350 in which it has a single pipe going through the center That is the difference between Single Cradle and Double Cradle As I said earlier, the disadvantage of Single Cradle is that it cannot bear higher loads This has been taken care in this frame which can bear much more higher loads Still it is cost effective but it cannot be used for heavier use You can see this kind of frame in Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 too Next is the Perimeter Frame Let’s consider engine as a block This frame runs through the perimeter or the outer covering This type of frame is best used for superbikes.

Aluminum perimeter frames are usually used in high end bikes Talking about the familiar bikes, Bajaj is the Indian manufacturer which used this type of frame first NS 200, Dominar, etc uses the perimeter frame Next familiar bike would be Yamaha YZF R15. The delta box frame used in R15 is a type of perimeter frame Next up is the lightweight alternative of the perimeter frame, which is the Trellis Frame. You might have heard this term before. Trellis frame is the frame used in TVS Apache RR310 But the most familiar example are the Orange Pipes of KTM Duke.

Those are Trellis Frames. This is also connected like perimeter frame. Both perimeter and trellis are almost similar frames. But this is much lighter. These both doesn’t have a support from bottom and the engine is connected to the frame This also starts from headtube to the swingarm on which the tail and the suspension is connected the next one is also a lightweight frame which looks similar to perimeter frame.

bmw concept motorbike off 63% - - monocoque chassis motorcycle

This is the Monocoque Chassis. The main principle of the monocoque chassis is similar to the egg shell Egg shell structure bears load equally from all directions This is how monocoque works where engine is also a part of the frame which bears the load Eventhough this looks similar to perimeter, the whole structure is getting connected to the engine That is Monocoque Frame Usually Indian manufacturers do not use this type of frames because they are very expensive to manufacture This frame can be seen in Ducati Panigale 1199 and some other expensive superbikes With this we got to know about motorcycle frames Please comment if you would like to know more about this Please like if it was helpful Share it with your friends and please Subscribe Thank you so much. See you in the next video.

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