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This bikes was designed and built using Ruff Cycles frame model Smyinz in 2015 The full fabrication took about five months because many parts had to be designed and handmade in aluminum as the mudguard, mudguard support, headlight, headlight support, chain wheel, springer forks, central thank (or kind of thank) and as well the frame changes The frame is slightly changed in other to make the bike look longer and held the real leather thank To build the perfect mudguard I had to build two papier-mâché models before the final metal construction The springer forks was another big challenge. I have a video about it in this channel Handlebar and thank are covered by real leather made especially for this bicycle Chain wheel is specially designed for the best performance, visual and to protect the fat tires against the chain rubbing on them Even the rear light is customized with a red lense with my own logo engraved on it

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Extremely light racing helmet >

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