About Us

Build Chopper Frames - About UsIn modern society, there’s a finality to all things. You start something, you stay the course, and when it comes to an end, it is seen as complete or a failure. Our philosophy resides in a completely different place. NOTHING IS FINAL. It’s about how you approach certain things, in your lifetime. Focus too much on it, and you waste an incredible amount of true life.

With everything we do, whether we are building our own bikes, touring the country, or even just living to be the best person we can be… such a mindset and your complete focus will shift towards the present moment.”

Our Story

Started in a very small, one car garage with a “hard-tail bobber” chassis (B.i.B) kit. It took 3 months of just a few hours a week “after work” to get that bike rolling! Along the way we learned how to create our own jigs, and blueprints. Luckily, I had help form my very beautiful and talented wife Marie. 🙂

Now we realize that in order to pull off a successful build, geometry, detail and planning are key elements. The rest is just knowing how to use the tools you have to get it done. Enjoy ‘How To Build A Chopper Frame” folks!

SO, What’s Next You Say?