Vintage Rusted Motorcycle Full RESTORATION

This project worth your time. Click to make yourself sleepy.
This is a full restoration video of a vintage Yamaha 2-stroke bike. I am not sure but this model belongs to the late 90’s and the remaining of this bike was not more than the trash.

List of newly bought items:
o. 2x Tyre Rims
o. 2x Tyres
o. 2x Mud guards
o. 2x Front indicators
o. 2x Back indicators
o. Front and Back Light
o. Speed meter
o. Handle grips
o. Left and right Clutch levers
o. Full bike Electric wiring
o. Bike Seat
o. Silencer
o. Stickers
o. Filter and filter caps
o. Battery
o. Engine spark plug
o. Bike horn

Parts Restoration:
00:18 Bike disassembly
02:46 Engine Restoration
13:12 Tank Restoration
16:09 Frame Restoration
17:42 Shock Absorbers Restoration
18:37 Magic
18:46 Filer Restoration
19:34 Handle Restoration
20:24 Assembly
23:57 Final Overview
24:48 Running Bike

Vintage 2-Stroke Motorcycle Full RESTORATION


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